Why P.E.R.A.

The LleidaDrone Association starts a new initiative to send Probe Balloons and Nano Satellites to the space
The project will be developed by engineering students of six universities with the support of a team of professionals in the Aerospace sector

The LleidaDrone Association, headquartered at the R&D IT Laboratories of the Scientific Park of Lleida (PCiTAL), has presented his new initiative in a spin-off format: P.E.R.A., Ponent Exploration and Research in Space. The objective is to deliver projects in a superior altitude than the drones can reach, on the different atmospheric layers and the space.

The project will be developed by a team of engineering students from six universities, including  Escola Politècnica Superior of Universitat de Lleida, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya,  Universidad La Laguna of Tenerife, Universidad Politècnica of Madrid and the FACENS university from Sorocaba, Brasil. The students team will have the support of a Senior Advisory Board with a dozen professionals with large experience on Aerospace projects.

Next autumn the agenda will include many activities theoretical and practical. First, students will assist to technical talks from experts on the field, and will travel abroad to see aerospatial installations, like some NASA centers in US. Also will start to work on the development on projects such as Nano Satellites, Probe Balloons, Rockets, electronic circuits for spatial communications and specifically developed software, among others.